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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Harnessing the power of nature and science to help you optimize your fitness training and performance.

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Why Exercise With EWOT?

  • Increases blood oxygen levels.
  • Reduces lactic acid production.
  • Increases endurance and performance.
  • Decreases recuperation time.
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A natural supplement to help boost your blood oxygen levels. By applying the power of nature and science, YOU will gain the inside edge. Whatever level of exercise program or fitness training you are at Super Oxygen™ Active Edition will help you!
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A Company Totally Committed To Creating A Healthier World By Combining The Power Of Nature And Science.

ewot harness the power of nature and science

Who Are We?

Oxygen Products(PTY)(Ltd) is a South African based company, launched in November 2000, by socially conscious entrepreneur Ms Venetia Kruger. Health and overall wellness has become increasingly important worldwide. We at Oxygen Products(PTY)(Ltd) have seen the amazing advances in science. But have been increasingly concerned that health products are being artificially synthesized and naturally available products are being left by the wayside. We firmly believe that we need to combine Science with nature to give you a product that harnesses the power of nature and science to give you an optimal boost to your health. Helping you to a healthier life.

increase your performance and endurance with oxygen

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is a natural resource, we all agree on that. However with the increasing pollution occurring worldwide our oxygen available to breathe is being decreased at an alarming rate. Ewot is designed to help you increase your natural blood oxygen levels and so give you a boost in whatever you are doing. With our natural supplements you are giving yourself an essential boost to your health. Our products will allow you to be your best whether your fitness program is for general well being or you are a professional athlete looking to boost your performance.

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Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying.

“Having just come off the professional rugby scene last year and using Super Oxygen in conjunction with my training has proven most beneficial. The volume of training is immense but upon taking Super Oxygen, pain and stiffness is a thing of the past for me, I feel I can train harder for longer. This year I competed in the team event at Reebok Crossfit regional games and am looking to go individual next year. For general health, focus and just to feel good I strongly recommend Super Oxygen as it will change your life.”

Wesley Roberts.

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Oxygen Products(PTY)(Ltd)

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Our Mission

Oxygen Products aims to be a caring, dynamic market leader in new and innovative health products. With a total commitment to alleviate suffering. We promise our total dedication in exploring new avenues of health therapy and health products, giving hope, joy and a healthy lifestyle, to all of mankind.

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