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Hi, Cretia
“Amazing, Unexplainable ,Awesome ,Advantageous , absolutely necessary” are a few words that come to mind when talking about Super Oxygen. I am a keen cyclist and live by my motto
“Know your limits and push them harder”.

Training is key to performing to your maximum
ability, training is not always possible while working in the restaurant industry (time constraints and maybe a bit of well umm laziness…). I was first introduced to Super Oxygen about 8mnths ago (4 weeks prior to the World Famous Transbaviaans Endurance Race) , with little training time I was against the wall and needed to train hard and recover quick to train again. I found that the fantastic recovery ability I had while using Super Oxygen gave me much needed muscle recovery to train hard again.
The beauty of Super Oxygen is that you have readily available oxygen when you need it most (In my case when I hit a climb really hard) , and it is amazing to see your heart rate come down relatively quick after these burst of output which is part of mountain biking. I found on the “Baviaans” Super Oxygen helped curb cramping and muscle fatigue and almost zero lactic build up after 233km in the saddle.

Super Oxygen is and will always be part of my training and race preparation in the future.

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John "McSwizzle" Harris

Hi, Abel

I just want to take the opportunity to commend you on a great product. I was dropped in the deep end 4 weeks prior to the Trans baviaans mountain bike race ( The hardest single stage race in the world) which is 233km. I say deep end because I had not been on the bike for close to a year and only had the 4 weeks to train after being invited to ride.

I got your contact details from a colleague and proceeded to get Super Oxygen from yourself. The advice you gave me for the use of the tablets was amazing, I cannot describe the benefit I felt once using the tablets (THEY ARE AMAZING) I did not cramp once on the ride (I am prone to cramping) and never felt fatigued at all. They amount of oxygen I felt I had was amazing , I just seemed to have so much in reserve the entire race. This product is a must for everyone no matter what sport they do. The recovery after the distance was almost instant.

Thank you very much for this Super Oxygen – I do not and will not train or compete without it!

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John Harris

Mountain Biker and Restaurateur

Having just come off the professional rugby scene last year and using Super Oxygen in conjunction with my training has proven most beneficial. The volume of training is immense but upon taking Super Oxygen, pain and stiffness is a thing of the past for me, I feel I can train harder for longer.

This year I competed in the team event at Reebok Crossfit regional games and am looking to go individual next year. For general health, focus and just to feel good I strongly recommend Super Oxygen as it will change your life.
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Wesley Roberts

Entrepreneur and Crossfit Enthusiast

Super Oxygen – The Active Edition has improved the quality of my life as my blood circulation has improved and I have less bladder infections. It also keeps my colon clean.

My Gym members have all seen an improvement in their performance and their recovery is so much faster.

I would highly recommend this product to all – regardless of their fitness levels.

Vic Delport

Owner VR GYM

Three years ago whilst overseas I realized that my kidneys were not in good shape. A good South African friend of mine suggested that I try and find a supplier of oxygen products. As is known oxygen is the most important healer and renewer of cells in the body.

I googled such a supplier in the name of Super Oxygen and had a lengthy discussion with Venetia Kruger the owner of the product. I was convinced that I am on a good thing and immediately placed my first order.

A few days after taking the capsules, I noticed an increase in energy and a decrease in fatigue and lethargy. This became my regular intake and eventually I felt really well to the point that I recommended this product to friends who also ordered them.

Two years ago I returned to South Africa and completely forgot about continuing my intake of these capsules. One day out of the blue I felt quite I’ll and visited a local GP who was sensible enough to take full blood tests.

The following day she called me in a frantic state to say that I am in renal failure and immediately arranged an appointment with a nephrologist. He confirmed the condition as being serious and plans were set in place for dialysis.

The treatment began and about five months later Venetia sent me some Super Oxygen. Initially my blood tests reflected very bad GFR, potassium and HP levels. However after taking my capsules for just five weeks my blood tests have shown way more positive results.

I must mention that every time I completed my dialysis treatment initially, I was tired and very lethargic. However since taking my Super Oxygen I have endless energy and my overall well being has improved dramatically.

People often cannot believe that I am a dialysis patient and my dream is to be a living testimony of how this product has improved my condition. In fact I firmly believe that I will come off dialysis and it gives me great pleasure to share this with others.

Ideally I want to promote this product to other chronic patients as its healing powers go way beyond kidney disease but extends to many other chronic illnesses. I will always be grateful to Venetia for introducing such a magnificent product and I certainly am not the only beneficiary of its worth.

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